Danish Place

Branding  +  Photography

Our overall inspiration drew heavily from Scandinavian design – emphasizing bold colours & geometric shapes. The resulting brand is approachable and highly adaptable for the client’s needs.
The full logo (opposite) can be used in its entirety or in its individual parts for menus, as poster art, on coasters, and more. Its individual components are recognizably Danish, and evoke the country setting of the restaurant: fish, trees, dill, currants, poppies.
Design direction for the ‘DP’ icon (ie acronym of ‘Danish Place’) was driven by the capacity of these letters to work as a variety of inverse knots and shapes. Ultimately, we settled on a simple rune-like shape to further invoke a Scandinavian aesthetic.
The fox icon was a last-minute addition. At a design meetings on-site, we learned about a resident wild fox who torments the Sunset Villa squirrels. We knew that something so perfect – and mischievous – deserved to be incorporated into the brand. An iconic regional detail.

  • Danish Place
  • Restaurant
  • Branding, Photography
  • 2018
brochure image
brochure image
brochure image
With my own scandinavian heritage, it was a fun project diving through the relics and heirlooms at home to help brainstorm and see which iconography would pop!

- Cai Sepulis/ Creative Director

Located in the rolling hills of Puslinch (between Guelph & Cambridge) amoung a Danish retreat for campers and cottagers, The Danish Place has been a family-run business for over 20 years.

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The simple and iconic scandinavian design style reigns throughout the brand. We created a secondary illustration featuring fish, currents, poppies and other various Danish icons to work as a more artistic piece to be used on posters, artwork and t-shirts.
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