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What better iconic images to stimulate branding inspiration than retro Tour De France style racing and fixed gear bikes! From the initial illustration of the eagle clamping down on the wheel (invoking a bike head badge), to the spare but evocative FG/bicycle icon, this deliberately nuanced brand is deeply rooted in bicycle culture. Packaging and beer can development is still a work-in-progress but with names like Florida Tracksuit, Iron Calf and Dutch Classic, we can’t help but reach the finish line!

  • Fixed Gear Brewing Co.
  • Branding, Photography, Website
  • 2017-2020
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With my love and passion for bikes, it was a dream of a project to work with biking terms and races to come up with beer names.

- Chris Tiessen / Creative Director

Housed in an old car garage and situated around the corner from the region's best recycled bike dealer, this brewery is decked from head to toe in bike culture.

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The logo emblem was created out of the acronyn "FG", mixed in with the silhouette of a racing bike.
Our website that we build is housed on Shopify to allow for merch and beer sales, but created to be sleek and fun, with easy ability for Fixed Gear staff to keep items such as "hours" and "current tap lists" updated.
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